A JTI-Macdonald Corp. Initiative. (It’s always best to see both sides.)
(It’s always best to see both sides.) A JTI-Macdonald Corp. Initiative.

Unaware of the debate

At present, only 9% of Canadians1 understood what the government’s consultation was about, which left the majority of the public in the dark, and more importantly, without a voice.


Over the summer months, at a time when Parliament wasn’t even in session, a public consultation on cigarette plain packaging was held. After surveying 2,301 Canadians, including almost 289 regular adult smokers, we found that only one in five were aware of the government’s plan for plain packaging for cigarettes and could explain it.

The research also showed that, when asked, 72% of Canadians think to give a policy consultation on plain packaging on cigarettes a fair hearing it needs to be more than 3 months. Until this happens, the majority of the public remains unaware.

Does this seem right to you?

1 Forum Research. (2016). Survey of 2,301 Canadians, including 289 regular adult smokers. Survey carried out August 2016. Available at: https://www.bothsidesoftheargument.ca/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Final-Canada-Plain-Packaging-Omnibus-Research-Document_.pdf Last retrieved 7 September 2016

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