A JTI-Macdonald Corp. Initiative. (It’s always best to see both sides.)
(It’s always best to see both sides.) A JTI-Macdonald Corp. Initiative.

The majority left without a voice

If only 1-in-10 Canadians1 understood what the government’s consultation on the plain packaging of tobacco products was about, it means the majority were left without a voice.


The majority of you believe if smoking is legal, and there are restrictions in place about where smoking is allowed, that adult smokers should be treated as fairly in Canada as any other group of consumers.

Hard-working Canadians like Tim want their voice to be heard. They believe that the government isn’t listening to their concerns, or taking what they have to say seriously. They are critical thinkers, people who like to make sure they understand all aspects of an argument, and the evidence that backs up the claims, before they form their own opinion.

Health Canada had made its decision on plain packaging and launched the public consultation before it had even done a cost-benefit analysis. Basically, they announced and committed to a policy without working out first what it would cost2. They called for the public consultation before they had any figures for Canadians to respond to.

Still now, the voices of the public are being ignored. Does that seem right to you?

1 Forum Research. (2016). Survey of 2,301 Canadians, including 289 regular adult smokers. Survey carried out August 2016. Available at: https://www.bothsidesoftheargument.ca/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Final-Canada-Plain-Packaging-Omnibus-Research-Document_.pdf Last retrieved 7 September 2016

2 Public Works and Government Services Canada. (2016). Cost-benefit analysis of the plain packaging of tobacco products (1000179835). Tender Notice. Available at: https://buyandsell.gc.ca/procurement-data/tender-notice/PW-16-00726264 Last accessed 25 July 2016

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